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Quantify and Control Disbursement Accuracy

At Disbursement Review, LLC we review historical disbursement transactions:

  • To identify and recover overpayments and under-deductions for our clients.
  • To quantify the overall disbursement accuracy rate for our clients.
  • On a contingency-fee basis with no fixed costs and no financial risk.
  • To augment existing internal controls and support financial stewardship.

This site contains important information about our process and our approach.

  • It is important to recognize that there is no such thing as a perfect system.
  • Over time, ALL disbursement systems will yield some level of payment error or omission.
  • These errors and omissions result in hidden costs.
  • Fortunately, these costs are recoverable by Disbursement Review, LLC.
  • We work independently and remotely to provide this service.
  • Public accountants and internal audit departments test SOME disbursement transactions.
  • We will review ALL disbursement transactions to ensure complete accuracy.
  • We utilize electronic payment & procurement data to identify recoverable opportunity.
  • We work directly with vendors to recover funds for our clients.
  • We offer a proven process that adds real economic value.
  • Contact us to request a presentation and client references.










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